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Things to Look For

Classic Cars What to Look For

Things to look for when buying a Classic Car.

  • Body and suspension – straight and sound?
  • Engine – smoke, noises which sound “wrong”?
  • Lights all working?
  • Paint & trim
  • Tyres

 Original or Restored?

There is a school of thought that original paint with its patina of age and use is more fitting on some vehicles than a showroom finish.

Others say that a perfectly restored vehicle is the best kind of special vehicle. Generally, standard unmodified vehicles will command a higher price and in the long term they are likely to hold their value better than a similar vehicle which has been modified.

However, in the end – what do you want?

Make sure you know the rules of buying a car. Before you start serious looking it will pay to update yourself on these things:-

  •  Buying a vehicle with or without registration
  • Buying a vehicle with or without a Road Worthy Certificate (RWC)
  • Making sure you get a clear title
  • Arranging a pre-purchase inspection
  • Note that modified vehicles may be rejected as being unroadworthy if the modifications are extreme. So get expert advice before committing your money.

Useful information and practical help are available from:

Clubs are often a good source of for-sale ads, advice and resources. Go to the national organisations’ websites for club listings and contacts:-

Some clubs are not members these organisations. Therefore you might need to do some searching to locate them.

Repairing, restoring, maintaining - Where to get information and training. Who can help you?

Got a vehicle and working on it? All restorers have their war-stories to share with you. Don’t close your ears because their experiences will help you further down the track.Here are some starters:

  • Work safely.
  • Use proper stands if wheels are removed, support bonnets and boot lids and ensure doors won't close on you,
  • Try to complete one task before starting another,
  • Take photos or sketches of assemblies, processes, layout of pieces before starting and during the work,
  • Label wiring and vacuum hose (emission control) connections with permanent labels and make sure they are firmly attached,
  • Write down anything that has a choice of connections.

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