Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Shine Motafrenz Show 2011 - TVR Chimaera

1979 current & modern classic.

TVR - 1998 - Chimaera 400 HC.

Alistair R writes about his car.

What I have done to it etc:

  • The car is mostly original, with the addition of the chrome accessory pack (stalks, vents, ashtray trims etc) when I bought it and a brushed metal dash after the original wood veneer cracked badly.
  • Aside from a replacement roof when the old one was getting faded, a new set of original spec wheels, a steering rack and a radiator the car has needed nothing more than scheduled maintenance during my ownership. 

Why I love it:

  • The noise! Plus the fact that it is a totally raw driving experience, no ABS, no TC, no airbags, just a large V8, steel frame chassis and lightweight fibreglass body.
  • Yes the TVR reputation for biting your head off if you overcook it is true to some degree but the car talks to you and gives you a real feeling of connection to the road.
  • Plus it’s always entertaining embarrassing Porsches away from the lights, oh, and did I mention the noise?


  • Purchased from a TVR specialist in the south of England, had one owner before me who had allowed the car to want for nothing and had used it regularly.
  • It came with a mountain of service history and with the chassis freshly re-powder coated.
  • I spent a long time looking for exactly the right car and the choice has paid off.

How I got it:

  • Living in central London at the time in 2003 I test drove the 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0 versions of the Chimaera before settling on this 4.0.
  • The 4.5s available at the time were mostly pre-facelift models and were no quicker than the 4.0, and the 5.0s I drove all suffered badly from torque shunt at low speed so would not have been as usable in the city.
  • I brought the car out to Australia as a personal import when we emigrated and it was one of my conditions for making the move; if the TVR couldn’t come I wasn’t coming either!

How I use him:

  • Driven about once a week, although generally not in heavy traffic as the clutch is a bit vicious when hot.
  • Cars were meant to be used so I try to give him a decent run whenever possible and he sleeps under a nice soft cotton cover when not in use.

How I feel about owning this car:

  • It’s my child, excuse me whilst I go tell him a bedtime story.


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