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Classic Cars Insurance Options

Insuring your Special Vehicle.

Savings available on insurance.

What to look for in a policy.

  • Agreed value or Market Valuation – remember that most Special Vehicles will have a personal value to you.
    • And their true replacement value is probably far higher than the market valuation for a car of that age – because your vehicle will be in better condition than an average one on which the market valuation will be based.
  • No Claim Bonus
  • Excess
  • Restrictions on who can drive the vehicle
  • Garaging restrictions – many limited use policies require the vehicle to be kept off the street under lock & key.
  • Multi-car policies – can often give you a further discount

Shannon’s offer a “limited use” policy. Club Permit-registered vehicles automatically qualify for a “limited use” policy.

Note however that cars on full registration can also qualify for a “limited use” policy if they are not used frequently.

Shannon’s tell us that as a rule-of-thumb a “limited use” policy will get you a 40% discount on the Premium you would otherwise pay.

For more details go to Shannons.

RACV offer Vintage, Veteran & Classic Insurance on vehicles 15 years and older, hot rods made before 1949, stationary engines and motorcycles. For more details:

Call 1800 646 605,


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