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Getting Started

This program is designed to encourage and provide practical help to people so that they can further their special interests in transport vehicles and memorabilia. Firstly, let’s define some terms:

motafrenz getting started classic cars - yellow camero

“Vehicles” can be cars, sports and racing cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, motorbikes, 4WDs, busses, trailers, caravans, and military vehicles.

However, at this stage we are not including stationary engines, horse-drawn vehicles or vehicles which run on rails.

Your “Special interest” can be in anything you like. For example:

  • Brand new vehicles or old ones
  • Vehicles you especially like and are interested in
  • Vehicles which have a personal value to you – such as ones which have been in the family for some time, or remind you of times past.
  • “Classic” vehicles - “classic” usually refers to any vehicle 15 years or older, and more likely 25 years or older.
  • Memorabilia – old signs, books, service manuals, petrol pumps – anything associated with vehicles and their uses.

Your Special Interest may be in what you do with the vehicle, rather than, or in addition to your interest in the vehicle itself. For example:

Making new friends with people who share the same special interest.

  • Using your vehicle in the company of your new friends
  • Touring
  • 4WDriving
  • Rallying
  • Motorsports
  • Workshop - tinkering, repairing, restoring
  • Caravanning and camping

The scope is very broad.  Don’t imagine that no-one else will be interested in the same thing as you are – there are special interest groups for everything.

Dispelling some more myths:  “My interest in special vehicles would be a difficult, time-consuming and expensive thing to do.”

 Not necessarily and not when you are getting started.

Vehicles  suitable for you to get started with can be inexpensive to buy and can be maintained in safe running order without significant inconvenience and expense.

It could be a vehicle already known to you, or from a trusted source such as a friend or family member.

motafrenz classic car - green electric car

“My first special vehicle” doesn’t need to be an expensive traditional “classic”. For example, a vehicle from the 1960s or newer could be a perfect start for you – affordable to buy, reliable, and with parts and expert service widely available. And, especially with Australian-made vehicles intended for the mass-market, it is usually the case that parts and service will also be available at an affordable cost.

The For-sale websites and classified ads have many affordable, practical vehicles available for sale which would make an excellent “my first special vehicle”.

And all such vehicles represent part of Australia’s motoring heritage and deserve to be preserved for the future.

Heterell Collection Motafrenz Classic Cars

 “Use it and enjoy it!”  Also, don’t imagine that your special vehicle must be shut away in the garage until it’s 100% complete and in showroom condition. On the contrary you will find that most clubs encourage members to bring their “Rolling Restoration” along to club events. That way you can enjoy your vehicle whilst working on it. This can be one of the best kinds of projects.

You and your new friends in the club will build a real connection with the progress you make along the way.

Or you can simply leave your classic in “original” condition and enjoy it as it is.

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