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Defining Your Needs

Defining your needs, limitations, budget and expectations.

What do I really want to get out of owning a Special Vehicle?

Have another read of the section of this website “Special Vehicles - Getting started”. Then complete this table. You might find that you spend a week or two looking at this table and making changes as you think your way through the questions.

Download These Questions to Ask Yourself About Why You Would Like a Classic Car

My questions to myself are:-

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Have I the time?

If you intend restoring a vehicles then your time commitment is likely to be far greater than if you buy a vehicle which does not need restoring, or only needs minor work (or work that can wait a while, such as a repaint).

If you are considering restoring a vehicle then one of the benefits of a special vehicle is that you are not depending on it for daily transport.

If your restoration project slips behind schedule (and like all renovation jobs it probably will) you are able to reach a point where you can close the garage door or put a tarp over it. You can come back to it when you have the time and money to resume work.

Have I the resources? Can I procure them?

Tools and equipment to effect minor (or major) repairs if required.

Knowledge – either acquired from prior experience, from manuals – via purchase, the internet, clubs or public libraries or from a car club.

Have I the money?

Don’t enter into special vehicles expecting to make money! It’s a hobby and like membership of a sporting club or similar it will cost you money. How much it will cost is your decision.

And then there is the pure emotion; Buying classic cars offers greater thrill.

There is a "thrill" to buying a classic car that is hard to replicate with more modern models, a motoring expert has noted.

Writing for motoring.co.uk, Stephen Turvil described how he has "gazed in awe" at a vintage Jaguar whilst imagining owning the vehicle. He claimed this is a common feeling when shopping for classic automobiles.


Aside from the difficulty in getting spare parts, he noted that there is a lot to be said for opting for an older car.

This is due to the often low running costs and the possibility of its value actually rising.

However, Mr Turvil pointed out that used car buyers must also consider the comfort and practicalities of their purchase, which is where newer vehicles will often tip the scales.

The motoring commentator was responding to research that suggested interest in vintage automobiles is on the up.

He accepted that there are negatives to such purchase, but added: "Hey, not every decision in life has to be practical - and I would love an old Jag".

Fellow motoring journalist Andrew Roberts seems to share this love for the brand, describing in The Telegraph how the remaining well-preserved Jaguar Mark Xs are the last surviving remnants of a "lost world of chorus girls, black market gin and looking out for a police Wolseley in the rear view mirror".

He pointed out that this model was launched in the same year as another classic from the manufacturer - the E-type - which has gone on to become one of the most celebrated automobiles on the classic car circuit.

Source:- SellCar-UK.com "Buying classic cars offers greater thrill" Access date: [23/11/2011 10:53:17 AM]

And Gordon adds that it is this thrill of imagining a bygone age which adds something special to the pleasure of driving in a classic car.

"I can easily imagine myself in my Peugeot 504 gliding along the boulevards of Paris, enjoying how the soft seats and suspension soak up the bumps as we clatter across the Belgian pave (bluestone) streets on the way to some little restaurant or assignation."

Or perhaps that soft ride, excellent grip and handling will take us comfortably across rough French (or Australian) country roads to some little village or winery where we can enjoy a lunch.

Classic Cars Jaguar

Then we can head off to that little cove we know on the coast for an afternoon dip. Maybe I can even imagine myself in my 504 coping with conditions in the French colonies. Perhaps I am driving through the clogged streets of Algiers or Beirut, or maybe wending my way through the tropics or the desert.

After all, we need some make-believe and romance in our lives – don't we?

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