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Where to Find Cars, Spares & Advice

Where to Find Cars Parts & Advice

Where to find cars, spare parts, advise and restoration projects

Vehicle clubs – are often a good source of vehicles and parts for sale, and advice and resources. If you are intending to get a particular make of vehicle it is often a good idea to join the club for that make before you make your purchase.

Club members will give you the “inside story” on how to acquire and/or restore a vehicle are usually experts on their make and are usually very happy to help you “get your vehicle”.

Many clubs have websites and magazines which include “for sale” ads, and ads for people who can help with service and restoration:


  • Have “restoration projects” waiting for new members to undertake
  • Have a spare parts service, and some even arrange for manufacturing of new parts.

Therefore the cost of membership, compared to the benefits of membership makes joining worthwhile.

Go to the national organisations’ websites for club listings and contacts:-


Looking for a restoration project:

  • A tour of car yards or recyclers’ yards (we used to call them wreckers’ yards) can also give an idea of offerings available. 
  • The magazines and websites listed below include both “restoration projects” and vehicles which are already mobile.
  • And of course there is always the dream find in a shed or farm.
  • A walk around your local area or a nearby town may locate a hidden gem just waiting for someone to love. Someone like you.

Checking it out – what to look for and who can help.  Since 1969 cars sold in Australia must carry the manufacturer’s plates showing the date-of-build and the compliance of the car with Australian Design Rules.If you find a car sold after 1969 which is missing these plates, walk away! Vehicles earlier than 1969 may require research to confirm that they are what it is claimed they are. The AOMC can help- AOMC Engine & Registration Records Search Service.


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