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Welcome to Motafrenz

Motafrenz Car Club is Australia's oldest and largest car club for the GLBTIQ community.

Make new friends! Join our fun and friendly group for drives in the country, weekends away and social events.

We are a car club of friendly people who welcome newcomers.

Even though our focus is on the GLBTIQ community, everyone is welcome - you will find us very friendly and inclusive.

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 Motafrenz Values

  • For people who like cars and socialising.
  • Not a club which is all about the technicalities of cars.
  • You do not need a special car.
  • Come along to an event and meet us - you do not have to become a member first.
  • Events: Our monthly meeting is a good way to meet people. We have a Sunday drive and lunch every month, weekends away, 4WD days, and we often attend car shows across the state.
  • Our fees are moderate - $45 per year for individuals and $60 for joint membership.

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We are not a typical car club in that we are not aligned to one particular make of vehicle. Our members' vehicles range from veteran and vintage cars and motorcycles to post-war classics, modern cars, sports cars, 4WD vehicles and popular everyday vehicles. Some members also have motorbikes, caravans, commercial vehicles, trucks and buses. 

We are not a club which is all about the technicalities of cars. You do not need a special car.

Motafrenz is a motoring organisation affiliated with the Association of Motoring Clubs (AOMC) – the car clubs' peak body in Victoria  - and the Federation of Veteran, Vintage & Classic Car Clubs of Victoria (Federation).

We are also registered with VicRoads – so if you have a car which is 25 years or older, and you only need to use it less than 90 days a year, we can save you hundreds of dollars every year on rego and insurance.

Motafrenz is also part of Team Melbourne (former QSAM), an umbrella of Melbourne's queer sporting clubs.

Choose from the menu items to find out more about what we do, our history, Events, how to join our Club, links to other car clubs around the world and much, much more.

You can also chat to Motafrenz members and find out more about our events on Motafrenz on Facebook.

 Contact our membership officer for more details.

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We Welcome Everyone to Our Friendly Club

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